Apartment Renovation Contractors Phoenix

If you are searching for apartment renovation contractors in Phoenix, Atchison Construction can help! Atchison Construction, Inc offers reliable, high quality, and professional apartment renovation services to all areas of Phoenix including: Paradise Valley, Glendale, Downtown Phoenix, South Mountain, North Mountain, Desert Ridge and more.  We can help you renew and refresh your apartments to offer residents greater comfort and increase the value of the apartments. Please call us if you have any questions about our apartment renovation services.

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Apartment Renovations

Atchison Construction is an apartment renovation company offering apartment and multifamily renovation and construction services. We take pride in our ability to work with architects, contractors, suppliers and owners. Since we began we have successfully remodeled more than 5000 apartment projects in Phoenix. Renovating your apartments keeps residents and fill vacancies. We can renovate the interior/exterior portions of your building to keep current residents and attract new ones. We can help with the following apartment renovations including:

  • Bathroom Renovations
  • Kitchen Renovations
  • Flooring Renovations
  • Exterior Renovations
  • Fitness Center Construction
  • New Appliance Installation
  • and more

Atchison Construction Inc. Began by Building Apartments In 2000. This is being we began over 15 years ago in Phoenix, Arizona. We planned, built, and constructed apartments for investors wanting to go into renting apartments. We have been building & renovating apartments since 2000.

Our owner, Dave Atchison has been building apartments since 1990. As premier apartment builders in Phoenix, we are proud of the luxury and custom apartments that we have constructed. We will treat your money as if it were our own and if the quality of the apartment was our own. 75% of luxury and custom apartment builders went out of business by 2012. Before you hire a contracting company to build your apartment, check out the builder before you hire them. Look for their AZROC# or license. We offer all construction types to ensure that we will stay in business.

In 2013, the apartment industry boomed and contributed to $1.3 trillion dollars to the US economy with more than 12 million new jobs created. Apartment vacancies hit a low point in 2014 with 4.8% vacancy according to the Census Bureau. This vacancy rate led to a boom of construction that can’t hold a steady pace with the demand and that is where we come in.

Apartment Renovation Design & Service

Dave Atchison loves to be an involved member of the build. He will assist in finding the right architect and designer to create your vision. Then he will get the permits, before he does he will bid your build out to 3 to 6 different trades and up to 25 subcontractors needed to build or renovate your apartments at the lowest construction costs. We handle all subcontractors we pick so if they do bad work or do not show up, it will fall on us. We are proud with our track record as contractors and hold high standards. Our jobs will be below or on budget and are on time each time. We have a large portfolio of the apartments we have constructed and would be glad to show you what we can do. Let us build your apartment in Phoenix, Arizona.

Multifamily Renovations

Multifamily renovations create a better living space and offer more amenities for your current and new residents, without paying the high cost of new construction.

The most popular multifamily renovations include kitchen and bathroom renovations, upgrades flooring, LED lighting, Energy efficient appliances and package holding areas. Making these renovations will positively impact your (NOI) net operating income by raising rents and lowering expenses.

If competition is fierce in your area, doing even more renovations to your apartment building(s) is a must. According to research, out of 89% residents surveyed, 77% of them said that they would not rent an apartment that doesn’t include a washer and dryer.

Futermore, balconies and hardwood floors seems to pay back the most right away. An property owner could charge $75 more dollars in rent per month by installing hardwood floors. Residents will pay $50 more dollars per month for a walkout balcony.

Rent Increases Based On Renovation

  • Hardwood flooring installation will allow you to increase rent by $75 more per month
  • Balcony additions will allow you to increase rent by $50 more per month
  • Keyless door locks, smart thermostats and smart lighting will allow you to increase rent by $25 more per month

Why Invest In Apartment or Multi Family Renovations?

  • Decrease your turnover rate
  • Increase your revenue
  • Keep your property up-to-date
  • Residents pay for convenience
  • Positively impact your NOI

Working With Atchison Construction

We work hard to give our clients a cost effective service to make their investments stand out from others. Our success has been built on respect, professionalism, and open communication. You will find that our dedication to these values have resulted in profitable and positive results on your project. We believe that the key to all projects are planning to do the job right the first time around. This lets you turn an under-performing investment into a profitable asset or even maximize the return and efficiency of a new asset.

Occupied Rental Renovations

Atchison Construction has a way with multi-unit apartment complexes – which helps you to keep existing renters in their units while renovations are being done. Our management expertise for logistics and scheduling helps to maximize the asset interference and down time with existing renters. For more than 10 years, our dedication to these values and repeat clients have helped to expand our territory through the United States.

Efficient & Cost Effective

While working in a timely and professional manner, we have strived to give cost effective services and products to our clients. It is because of this, we strive to be the best in the industry, we provide attention to details while adding flexibility with systems and ideas.