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    Bathroom Remodeling Guide

    Bathroom Remodeling Guide

    If you have been looking for a bathroom remodeling guide, then you have come to the right place. Atchison Construction has been remodeling bathrooms for years and has everything that you need to refresh and renew your bathroom. Bathroom remodeling is an investment for your home that you can enjoy daily.

    Tips for Bathroom Remodeling

    Whenever you have your bathroom remodeled by professionals, it will bring you plenty of years of pleasure and comfort. However, if the job isn’t done properly by an amateur then they will miss the details and not really thing about using the best products, materials and layout.

    Create a Budget for your Remodel

    In order to create a budget for your remodeling project, you need to consider what elements are being remodeled. Popular bathroom remodeling items are flooring, countertops, vanities, showers, flooring, sinks, and tubs. Consult with an expert bathroom designer to help lay down a budget that you are able to afford and be excited about.

    Planning for the Unexpected

    It is best to add a bit extra for any unexpected costs that happen during demolition. Some bathrooms may have hidden water damage from a leaking bath or shower or running toilets. Other issues may be in hidden vent stacks or items inside of the wall that need to be removed completely. It could cost extra to reroute the items to give your bathroom the layout you want. A good rule is to plan for at least 20% more than your quote to be a buffer for the unexpected.

    Pick Attractive and Durable Surfaces

    In your master bathroom, the sinks, countertops, and surfaces add to the look of the bathroom and they will get plenty of use. While porcelain tile is very popular for sinks and tiles it is very prone to chipping. Sinks that are made from enamel on steel are often durable and stain resistant. Steel sinks are also very durable and visually appealing. Another option is to go with a solid surface sink which means that the sink is part of the countertop and backsplash. Stone countertops are also very popular for bathrooms when granite or quartz is used.

    Invest in your Shower

    While there are people who take daily or weekly baths, most people can count on their fingers just how many times that they have used their bathtub. For most people daily showering is more efficient for time and investing in a good shower provides more value. People are increasing the size of the shower, adding better showerheads, body sprayers and installing steam. Showers are also better with adequate lighting. Canister lighting and LED bulbs are popular shower options.

    Bigger Showers

    A standard shower will be 3ft. by 3ft., but by today’s standards most showers are L-shaped and are 5ft. by 7ft. In most cases the shower is large enough that there doesn’t need to be a door on the shower as the spray doesn’t reach outside of it. If you master bathroom is the only area where there is a tub, then you should consider keeping it.

    Increase your Counterspace

    Grooming yourself is what is done in a bathroom and you will need room to put your things down like blow dryers, combs, brushes, toothbrushes, and so much more. Double sinks were very popular for years, but most modern homes are picking more counterspace over double sinks. Additionally, besides more space for grooming and not having a second set of faucets, pipes and hardware will save on potential repairs and your budget.

    Upgrade your bathroom lighting

    Older bathrooms were just afterthoughts when it comes to where it is located and if there was natural light or good lighting. Lighting needs to be thought in layers of how the light will be cast. Over head lighting is perfect for lighting the room, but it will cast shadows on your face in the mirror. Installing some sconces on the sides of the vanity or near other fixtures that shine directly at you will help to give you the light that you need to be able to see the best.

    Enjoyable and Water Efficient

    When low flow showerheads, faucets and toilets came out there was little attention that was given to the enjoyment of using them. Since then, premium brands of low flow products have invested in making low flow products that are pleasurable and luxurious to use. That includes the popular rain showerheads that mimic warm rain in your bathroom.

    Conceal your Toilet

    Most bathrooms will have a toilet, it can be made much more discreet in the master bathroom. It can be made to be out of sight with more privacy when a dresser is set, or a half wall installed as a divider. The most luxurious and enjoyable bathrooms are laid out so that the toilet is set in a more private location within the bathroom while keep the space around it.

    Upgrade the Ventilation for the Bathroom

    Bathroom ventilation does more than just give you cleaner air; it helps to preserve the condition of your bathroom. Excessive moisture can cause mold and mildew. Moisture can also degrade surfaces on your painted surfaces and hardware. Installing or even upgrading the bathroom fan to provide better ventilation will preserve the condition of your bathroom and keep you healthier. Many bathrooms will use a 50-cubic ft. per minute bathroom fan. Larger bathrooms will need twice that, especially if a steam shower feature is being added.

    Bathroom Remodeling in Phoenix Valley

    If you happen to live near the Phoenix, Arizona area, Atchison Construction can help you with your bathroom remodeling project.  We will help remodel as little or as much of your bathroom as you want. We sell vanities and even offer installation within the Phoenix Valley area. We also can provide complete remodeling services for your bathroom. Our experienced design team can help you to pick what elements need to be remodeled and help to create a budget. We will help to remodel the bathroom and add luxury and new life to the space. Enjoy your home and take time to care for yourself more with a remodeled bathroom with the help of Atchison Construction. Please contact us to schedule a bathroom remodeling consultation or to ask questions that you may have.

    Call 602-478-9870 to start your Phoenix bathroom remodeling project today!

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