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  • When To Hire Residential General Contractors

    If you are wondering when you should hire a residential general contractor, this post should help! Get A Quote A residential general contractor like the professionals at Atchison Construction are responsible for organizing and the execution of larger scale remodel projects. People often mistake these experts with home improvement pros. But the big difference isRead more →
  • Home & Room Addition Costs 2018-2019

    Home & Room Addition Costs 2018-2019

    Average Cost: $42,000 Range: $21,000 – $65,000 Low Cost: $6,100 High Cost: $109,000 How Much Does A House Addition Cost? From our experience and research online, the average cost of home or room additions is around $42,000, with most people spending between $21,000 and $65,000. Once you have decided to add an addition to your home you need

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  • Building Construction Process Start To Finish

    Building Construction Process Start To Finish

    The building construction process can be a complicated process. There are numerous steps in building construction from design to finishing. Whether you are needing a contractor to perform an apartment renovation, construct a commercial building or build a home, the building construction process is very similar. Here we explore the building construction process from start toRead more →
  • Hiring A Contractor Checklist

    Hiring A Contractor Checklist

    Get many estimates – Get at least 3 estimates to make sure your are getting the absolute best price Hire local, licensed and insured contractors – You will be able to get in contact with local contractors easier than if you hair a company that’s not local Check their previous work – Check to make

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