Commercial General Contractors Phoenix 

Commercial General Contractors Phoenix
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If you’re searching for a reliable “commercial contractor in Phoenix“, “commercial general contractors“, “commercial construction company near me“, “commercial contractor services“, “commercial construction contractors” or “commercial building repair Phoenix AZ” in Phoenix, Atchison Construction Inc. can help!  We are a commercial construction company who proudly services Phoenix and all of the cities in the surrounding valley.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured to provide the highest quality of commercial construction with the peace of mind you expect.  Please contact us if you’ve got a commercial property that needs renovation or if you’re planning to build a new commercial building.

Atchison Construction, LLC is a commercial construction company with the knowledge and experience necessary to handle any commercial construction project. We offer Commercial Contracting services throughout many areas of the Phoenix Valley including: Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Glendale, Peoria, Surprise and more.

Phoenix Construction Services

We are commercial contractors in Phoenix specializing in the following commercial contracting services, including:

  • Industrial Construction
  • Commercial Design Build
  • Commercial Building Services
  • Apartment Building Construction
  • Building Maintenance Services
  • Engineering and Architectural services
  • Commercial Property Maintenance Services
  • Project Management & Preconstruction Services
  • Budgeting Services & Preliminary Scheduling
  • Contracting (Turn-Key) & Permit Submittal
  • Commercial Construction Projects, Tenant improvement & Design Builds
  • We provide construction services for Restaurants, government, retail, salons, office, medical, warehouse, and almost any commercial business.
  • We also have lisenced painting contractors, remodeling contractors, flooring contractors, concrete contractors, plumbing contractors and framing and drywall contractors available.

As a commercial contractor we have great partnerships with a wide variety of subcontractors. Each of the categories of specialized subcontractors are experts in their field, and are properly licensed and insured. We only subcontract with experienced companies so the work is certain to be done right, the first time.

Commercial Drywall and Framing 

If you are in need for Drywall and Framing contractors for your construction project, Atchison Construction, LLC is able to help. If you need a wall or a full residential or commercial Drywall and framing project completed, Atchison Construction, LLC will be able to pair your project with the correct subcontractor for the job.

Commercial Plumbing 

Does your residential or commercial build out need a Plumbing Contractor that is skilled and experienced? Let Atchison Construction, LLC take care of all your plumbing construction requirements.

Commercial Electrical 

If you have a project that needs the skills of an experienced Electrical Contractor, Atchison Construction, LLC is able to handle all of your Electrical Contractor requirements as we only use Contractors that are licensed, insured and skilled for all electrical projects.

Commercial Painting 

When your project requires an Painting Contractor, Atchison Construction, LLC is able to help as we only use the best. Our services include full service painting for both commercial and residential construction projects. Additionally, our Painters only use the highest quality brands in paint, and the newest techniques.

Commercial Flooring 

It does not matter if your project needs installation of stone, carpet, tile or epoxy, Atchison Construction, LLC can provide the correct contractor for your project. We are able to provide demo and hauling services of the old floor, and polish the new floor too. Additionally, we can provide artistic concrete staining and etching.

Commercial HVAC & AC Repair 

If your project requires the repair or replacement for the HVAC in your commercial project, Atchison Construction, LLC is able to assist as we work with the best HVAC contractors. Our contractors are experienced and skilled in various HVAC installations, including spiral and exposed duct work. Click here to view our AC Repair services in Phoenix, AZ.

Commercial Insulation & Acoustical Ceiling 

Atchison Construction, LLC provides full acoustical ceiling installation, backed insulation, and standard insulation installations for both ceilings and walls.

Commercial Concrete 

If your projection needs an Concrete contractor, we can help. We have the best contractors for placing stem walls, concrete, slab work, and footers. We can also provide concrete wall and floor cutting and pouring.

Commercial Construction Technologies

The commercial construction software in modern society is one of the more notable advancements as it helps with keeping engineers and architects on schedule and obtain the end result. Different tools are used by companies that become valuable, including computer programs that help with the project management and architectural designs to save time and money. It also helps project managers estimate the cost of required raw materials, contributing to the completed project being on schedule and in budget.

When it comes to constructing a commercial property, it’s important that you choose to hire and meet the correct Phoenix commercial contractors that have the technology and equipment to suit the client’s needs. Although, these guidelines depend on the constructions location as many commercial buildings are often used for administrative functions and constructed near other types of businesses like warehouses, call centers, retail stores, even medical offices, schools and hospitals, all while creating and standpoint. Contracts are able to include finishing buildings, conducting tenant improvements and more. All of the mentioned projects need zoning and planning, and tend to use various raw materials that need to meet standard requirements and affect design processes.

Commercial Building Construction 

In the past decade, many key advancements have went ‘green’ in regards to commercial building productions. An example of this is Bio walls as it is now possible to install them on the outside of buildings to reflect the suns’ radiation and reduce the heat and cooling requirements, indirectly saving on expenses.

There are more materials, products and methods that have also become more ‘green’, including Green Design Software, dual plumbing systems, electro chromic glass, recycled insulation, even DC current, and that is only a few of them. It’s obvious that the commercial construction technologies are constantly progressing to provide projects that are more efficient, from warehouses to office buildings and various other structure types.

To get additional information regarding Atchison Construction, LLC’s Commercial Contracting Services, please call us at: 602-478-9870 or fill out our contact form!

We are proud to provide commercial building construction services for all stages of construction from preconstruction consulting such as scheduling, permit planning, construction grading, metal framing, estimating, value engineering, tenant improvement, constructability reviews, to new building construction, design builds, site upgrades, custom built new homes, electric & lighting, carpentry, roofing, framing, coordination of competitive trade/supplier bids, concrete masonry and more.

Commercial Project Management

Our project management services can provide overview of the project from start to finish, including small projects or multi-million dollar construction projects. We also offer full assistance in condo conversions, building remodeling, commercial renovation, food & retail construction and more! If your company is in need of construction work, whether it be simple or managing a complex project, let Atchison Construction, LLC take care of your development and construction requirements.

The project size does not matter, the key to a successful commercial real-estate development relies on strategy, equipment, planning, and the vision. The commercial construction in Phoenix is constantly changing and advancing in knowledge and technology. Just as any other innovative and challenging field, there is a vital role with commercial development with modern society, and providing high quality developments for the public such as restaurants, medical offices, office buildings, among others. The recent commercial construction advancements assist the property owner with conducting a production that is efficient.

Commercial Building Repair Phoenix AZ

Commercial building repair is a fact of running a business.  Commercial buildings settle with age just like anything and also receive more use and abuse than residential properties.  Whether you’re just needing some repairs at your commercial building or want to increase the space, improve the layout, or customize the building for your needs; we can help!

Commercial Construction Management

Our commercial construction management services include scheduling, shop drawing review and coordination, quality control assurance, system commissioning, new construction, building additions, building renovations, design-build, facility shut down work and tenant build outs.

Commercial Remodeling Services

Atchison Construction offers design build construction & remodeling services. Some of the commercial renovation and remodeling services include:

Types Of Commercial Buildings We Build & Repair

Our team builds and repairs any type of commercial building.  We have decades of experience in commercial contracting and understand that timeliness, staying on budget, and quality of construction aren’t luxuries but valid expectations of our clients.  Trust Phoenix’ experienced professionals with your next commercial building construction project!

  • Retail and Shopping Malls

We serve a wide variety of customers, from strip malls to convenience stores, so whether you are in need of repairs or simply want to have preventive maintenance work scheduled, give us a call.

  • Restaurants and Food Services

We have technicians with the skills to do repair work, improvements, and maintenance work on all types of buildings, from fine restaurants to fast foods, coffee joints, and donut shops.

  • Healthcare Facilities Hospitals

If your healthcare facility or your hospital is in need of maintenance work, let our experienced technicians do it for you. We have the ability to do your repair work and also make improvements for you, so that you can attend to your patients, while we do what you need us to do.

  • Small Businesses and Corporate Offices

Are you in need of repairs and/or improvements at your small business, or even your corporate office? We have a reliable team of business contractors that are skilled and experienced at almost any job imaginable!

  • Financial Institutions and Banks

It is important that the facility of financial institutions and banks stay maintained at all times, for both, promoting efficiency in the workplace and to create a certain image. Let our team help you out with that.

  • Hotels and Hospitality

We have the experience and skills that is needed to do drywall repair to the installation of tile. So, if you are in need of someone to help in keeping your hotel or that entertainment facility up to its specific standards and to keep things comfortable for your guests, give us a call.

  • Municipal and Government

If your municipal or government building is in need of repairs or improvements give us a call. Remember, it is significant that these things are performed by professional that have the experience, and someone you can trust.

  • Manufacturing & Warehouses

Is your manufacturing business in need of repairs or improvements? If so, contact us right away, we are your professional handymen. Our work is guaranteed of its quality workmanship.

Receive A Free Commercial Construction Quote Anywhere In The Phoenix Valley

Receive a free commercial construction or commercial building repair quote in the Phoenix valley by giving Atchison Construction, Inc a call today at 602-478-9870.

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