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    How Much Does It Cost To Build A Garage

    How Much Does It Cost To Build A Garage

    The average cost of a two car garage is $26,556 with prices ranging from $7,500 to $73,797 for the US in 2019. Note that garage building costs have a very wide variation depending on the structure of the garage, materials used to build the garage, the features of the garage and the size of the garage.

    Attached Garages

    Attached garages are generally less expensive as building just three walls is less expensive than building a new structure. You have the option of enclosing the complete area with walls or have an open plan layout. They are also handy as a place to store freezers, fridges and suchlike. The primary benefit of this kind of garage is it keeps you out of bad weather, you can go straight from your house, through the garage to your car.

    Attached Garage Costs

    The average cost of an attached garage with room for a single car is $8,750 with costs ranging from $7,500 to $10,000. Two car garages average $23,500 with prices ranging from $20,000 to $27,000 depending on the materials used for the construction of the garage. The average cost of materials is $40 per square foot. These prices do not include the price of hiring a contractor or the payment needed for building permits. To ensure the best cost, you will have to talk to your local municipality as well as several professionals to ensure you get the best cost.

    Detached Garages

    Although more expensive, detached garages can help especially if you lack the room next to an entryway. They have the bonus of being safer because you will not get carbon monoxide poisoning entering into your house. The detached garage can also become additional living space if a loft is added. It also may give you a larger return on investment.

    Detached Garage Costs

    The average cost of a detached garage is $10,500 with prices ranging from $9,000 to $12,000. Add Heat and Air Conditioning as well as plumbing and electric and you may be looking at around $14,000. If you want to install a living space above it, it then totals up to around $20,000. The permit will set you back an average of $100 and then you will still have to check with plumbers and electricians for their costs.

    Garage Materials

    The materials you decide to use will have a large impact on the overall costs of the project. Let’s look at some of them now.

    Wall Options

    • Cement Board: makes a good base wall especially with a stone or tile veneer, Its durability means it handles inclement conditions well.
    • Plastic: They are very low-maintenance wall type for garages. They work against mildew, mold, pests, and moisture.
    • Metal Panels: Excellent for high-end garages. They come in copper and steel finishing among others and they screw right into the frame.
    • Wood Sheathing: An economical option that can attach to the frame with screws, it can be painted or left natural.
    • Drywall: If your garage is finished drywall will probably be your choice. It will need to make fire code requirements.

    Ceiling Options

    • Plastic Tile: Very cost-effective and can be finished in many metals and also has fire retardant qualities.
    • Cork: Smart looking and eco-friendly – they can be unwaxed or waxed depending on if you want a shiny ceiling or not.
    • Styrofoam Tiles: Inexpensive to finish a ceiling. Just add them into the frame and you are done!
    • Popcorn: This is a material that can be sprayed onto walls and ceilings.
    • Gypsum: Made from rocks, they are placed over the ceiling frame but are not good for moisture.
    • Drywall: Just add some plaster and laid on board to appear like a wall.

    Window Options

    You can choose from triple, double or single paned windows. Weatherproofing should be the primary concern so pests or moisture cannot get in. Frames are made from:

    • Composite.
    • Vinyl
    • Wood.
    • Steel.

    Garage Doors

    The garage door needs to protect your property including your cars and it needs to match the construction style of the garage.

    • Fiberglass: Although they are less likely to dent, they cannot be painted.
    • Wood Composite: Made from recycled wood and with the strength of steel, they are less likely to split and rot.
    • Wood: Comes in many styles and can be overlaid or painted.
    • Aluminum: Similar to steel, more likely to dent but lighter and less expensive.

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    Thank you for the different breakdowns for replacing garage doors and building new garages. I’m actually thinking about building a detached garage at my house. If I do, I’d want to find the perfect garage doors and have them properly installed.

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