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    How To Remove A Kitchen Exhaust Fan

    How To Remove A Kitchen Exhaust Fan

    A range hood contains a stove ventilation fan usually positioned directly above the stove on the wall. The closeness of the range hood means particles of smoke, odors and grease are removed from the air keeping your kitchen clean and safe. Therefore stove ventilation fan removal is often done when the fan needs to be cleaned professionally or when it will be replaced with a more up-to-date model. Atchison Construction  are here to partner with you for your next remodeling project. Give us a call today at 602-478-9870 or fill out our  contact form.

    Ventilation Fan Removal Steps

    1. Go to the main circuit breaker and switch off the power to the kitchen. For the sake of safety, it is vitally important you do this before attempting anything else!
    2. Use a neon tester to ensure the power is out. Touch a single lead of the tester to a screw on an electrical outlet located in the kitchen and then touch the other lead to the larger slot on the outlet. As long as the neon tester does not light up, the power is turned off.
    3. Look at the range hood and remove the metal grease filters. The filters are usually held in position with clips or they slide out. When filters lack clips, push the filter straight up and then slide it over to one side in order your fingers can make a space so they can fit. Then reach up into the space and pull the filter down and tilt it out of the hood.
    4. Using a finger, carefully rotate the fan blades locating the electrical wires of the ventilation fan. The wires are probably attached to terminal screws located on the range hood. Wire nuts lead to the terminal screws. Loosen the screws utilizing a flat blade screwdriver and the remove them having unhooked the wires.
    5. Ensure the fan cord is unplugged if it remains directly plugged into an outlet or if it is plastic wire connector in a rectangular shape. When wire nuts are connecting the wires, unscrew the wire nuts to remove the wires. Where terminal screws are attached to the wires use the same flat bladed screwdriver and unhook the wires to remove them.
    6. Pull the shield off the range hood having first remove the screws on the fan motor shield and housing.

    Items Required

    • Flat blade screwdriver
    • Neon tester

    Hints And Tips

    • You may be able to reuse the screws from the stove ventilation fan so it may be worth saving them. If the fan is being removed to be cleaned professionally, use masking tape and place the screws on there, ensuring they will be kept in one place.
    • Make sure you use a sturdy footstool when you remove the stove ventilation fan so you have firm support.

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