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    Master Suite Addition Cost 2019

    Master Suite Addition Cost 2019

    The average cost of a master suite addition is $63,100. Costs range from $21,500 to $125,000 for an addition of a master suite for the US for 2019.

    An addition of a master suite is more than just a place to call your own. Just imagine, no teens hogging the bathroom, no kiddie toys, a slice of heaven where you can dress, bathe or simply relax and chill-out in pease. But paradise comes with a price! But it is a price that has a return! In the current market, an addition of a master suite pays back about 52% – 63% as a return on investment on the value of your home.

    400 Sq. Ft Addition Cost

    Obviously, the cost can vary greatly depending on what of the various styles and tastes you select for a master bedroom and bathroom. Homeadvisor says the cost be anywhere from $21,500 to $63,100 for a 400 sq. ft addition. Do you want something romantic or something a little more oriented for when you have guests? It is important to keep this in mind when considering your budget as the money you spend on options will have a large impact on the final cost for the project.

    Gift That Keeps On Costing

    Expenses for a master suite do not end when the final light switch is installed and the last faucet tightened. To light and heat your new space, expect to pay higher energy bills. For example, a 400 sq. ft addition to a home already 2,000 sq. ft in size is an addition of 20% and you can expect the same percentage rise by a similar amount. Additionally, your property tax bill will also increase by a greater percentage, not only are you adding a room, but the installation of a bathroom is a facility tax-assessors value at a higher rate than other rooms.

    Will A Master Suite Addition Add Value To My Home?

    As a homeowner adding a room to your home is among the most expensive projects you can undertake. However, experts say you can see a return on your investment of up to 63% for the addition of a master suite.

    How To Save Money

    You can save money in lots of ways. For example, using a detached addition as opposed to an attached one. You can often purchase a prefabricated detached structure for less than $20,000. It can double up as an office or guesthouse and provides the extra space you require. Building up also offers the advantage of saving money by avoiding the need for pouring a new foundation and excavation costs.

    Atchison Construction Offers Master Suite Additions In Phoenix, Arizona

    If you’re interested in building onto your home with a master suite addition project in Phoenix, Arizona, Atchison Construction is here to help!  Our experienced design, demolition, and construction team know how to plan, get permits, and complete all stages of home addition projects.  From a small reading room to a large addition our team will help you build the space of your dreams anywhere in the Phoenix Valley.  For more information about how much your dream home addition will cost please get in touch with us by calling (602) 478-9870.

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