Project Management Phoenix

Residential AdditionAtchison Construction can provide professional project management services for any residential, commercial or public construction project in Arizona. Our Phoenix based project management team can tackle any construction project from planning, execution to closing.

Initial Project Planning

Saving money by cutting costs in the initial design phase of any process can end up costing more in the end. Overall lifecycle of the construction project should be taken in account by a compotent project mangager, using Atchison Construction as your project management consulting company can save you money in the end. Utillizing our experience on many multi-million dollar projects in the Phoenix Metro Area will benefit your project.

Project Execution and Evaluation

Having a competent project manager on a large construction project is critical for the success of the overall project by avoiding costly delays and ensuring the project is progressing towards your overall goals. Atchison Construction’s team of professionals has decades of experience, we’ve seen it as a full service Phoenix Construction firm, we’ll be a valuable asset to any project whether it is a public, private or commercial construction project.

Project Closing, Evaluation and Quality Inspection

Htchison Construction can help at the end of any construction project enabling the project owner or financer certainty when they sign off on the final project. We can help review the final work of contractors and subcontractors by performing quality inspection and evaluations of work.

Residential Addition