24/7 Home Damage Restoration

When you’re searching for home damage restoration in Phoenix our team is here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  Emergencies don’t call ahead to warn you they are coming, so we are ready when you need us for your water damage repair, flood damage cleanup, storm damage repair, and fire damage restoration. 

We offer damage restoration for homes and businesses in the Phoenix valley including surrounding cities such as: Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Glendale, and more.

Wind Damage
Storm Damage Restoration
Water Damage Restoration
Hail Damage Restoration

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Insurance Restoration Services

Most home damage that requires the use of home damage restoration contractors is serious enough to need an insurance claim.  Our team has worked with many insurance companies to provide restoration services for both residential and commercial properties.  Trust the experience and skill of our team to help ensure insurance claims are filed correctly and your home restoration services are covered. 

We will help you submit your property damage insurance claim for: fire, flood, wind, vandalism, storms, and more.  We make it simple for you to get your home or business repaired after damages.  

Water Damage Restoration


Water damage can quickly become more than some soggy carpet and ruined rugs.  Our water damage repair removes damaged materials to avoid mold and structural instability.

Storm Damage Restoration


Storm damage comes from strong rains storms, high winds, monsoons, and trees or debris damaging your property.  Allow our team to quickly come and start your repairs. 

Flood Damage Cleanup


Flood damage happens in an instant in Arizona with flash flooding due to heavy localized storms.  This is especially true during monsoon season where water suddenly appears. 

Fire Damage Restoration


Fire damage comes in two forms, what gets burned and what gets ruined in the process of putting it out.  We restore homes from both types of damage to restore comfort and safety.

Disaster Preparedness

No matter if you a small business or a large public agency, having a disaster plan make good sense and for some industries its required by law. Atchison Construction can assist in providing disaster preparedness for your organization. From assistance in developing a full scale disaster plan, to simply filling in key contractor components to your existing plan such as who to call in the event of a plumbing or roofing emergency we can assist.

Business Continuity Planning

When disaster strikes, how will your organization continue its operations. What if your offices need to be moved, what if a retail branch must be relocated on a short notice, what are the key steps to take. Because Atchison Construction is full service general contractor and property management company, let us help your organization answer the hard questions about business continuity in times of disaster.

Call For 24/7 Home Damage Restoration

Call day or night if you’ve had damage to your home from flood damage, water damage, storm damage, or fire damage.  Quick response starts the cleanup process and prevents further damage.  Allow our expert team to respond quickly and get to work putting your home or business back in order.  In addition to being a home damage restoration contractor we are general contractors.  This means that we can do more than just set your home back in pre-damage condition, we can make it better.   If you’ve been considering remodeling some of the areas affected by damage our team can help you plan and take care of all remodeling services as well.