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    What Is A General Contractor?

    What Is A General Contractor?

    If you’re searching the question “What Is A General Contractor?” – You might be considering building or remodeling your home or property.   This post will help you understand what a general contractor is, what they do, and when to hire one.

    What A General Contractor Is

    A general contractor is responsible for coordinating for all of the day-to-day management of all labor, trades, and vendors throughout a residential or commercial construction project.  Many times a general contractor is a tradesman but is defined as the primary contact to the client having the construction project done.  Consumers and companies interested in building a new property either seek a general contractor out to start the project, or are referred to one by an engineer or architect.

    A general contractor will at the beginning of building project help source all bids and documents needed to generate a cost for the entire construction project.  This includes all materials, labor, overhead, tools, and equipment necessary for each specific location and build.

    What Does A General Contractor do?

    General contractors are responsible for providing all of the equipment, labor, and services during the construction project.  Depending on the size of a project the general contractor will subcontract our portions or all of the labor for the build.  General contractors are responsible for the quality of work provided by all subcontractors and only employee the best artisans and tradesmen.  While quality is a primary focus of the general contractor the safety of all labor and any occupants is the highest priority.

    General contractors also take care of getting building permits, keeping the client informed of progress, providing security for the site, managing all personnel on the site, providing temporary utilities for the build, removing construction waste, cash flow, scheduling, record keeping, and site surveying and engineering.

    When To Hire A General Contractor

    Commercial property and homeowners don’t always know when hiring a general contractor is a good idea.  This leads them to starting construction projects like bathroom remodeling or kitchen remodeling where the project takes a month or two and involved coordinating a variety of tradesmen.

    For example a kitchen remodel might mean hiring: a plumber, electrician, cabinet company, countertop company, painters, flooring company, and appliance installation company.  Finding trusted companies to handle all of these responsibilities, knowing which order they should be done in, scheduling them, overcoming booking problems, tracking the quality of the work and costs is a full time job.

    Know When To Hire A General Contractor

    If your project only requires the services of one tradesmen such as a flooring company, you don’t need a general contractor.  But knowing when having one will simplify your build or remodel will make your project more successful and ensure the quality.

    Rules to follow to know when to hire a general contractor:

    • When the job will take longer than a week
    • When the job will require a bunch of permits
    • When the job will mean hiring multiple tradesmen

    Balancing a remodel or new build construction project is a full time job.  Knowing the order of the demolition and construction along with all subcontractors is the job of a general contractor.  They help avoid scheduling problems like putting the sheetrock up before insulation or electrical is done.

    Avoid Fraudulent Contractors

    It’d be nice if you could simple do a search or open a phone book and pick a name to hire a general contractor, but that is not the case.  There are a number of warning signs that you might be talking to someone posing as a general contractor that’ll just waste your time, and your money.

    Avoid “Contractors” showing these warning signs:

    • Asks for payment for the full job upfront
    • Only accepts cash
    • Requires a lien on your property
    • Wants you to get permits
    • Doesn’t have a website
    • Doesn’t have a Google listing
    • No listing in the phone book
    • Door to door solicitation
    • Offers discounts for referrals
    • Tells you that your job will be a demo

    Protect yourself, your home, and your money from fraudulent contractors.  Read contracts, understand every single word, ask for clarification, and require a clear contract before signing anything.  When you are searching for a residential general contractor, or commercial contractor make sure you include the title in your searches and in conversation with the prospective companies.

    Hiring A General Contractor In Phoenix

    If you have a new build or remodeling project for your home, office, or property in Phoenix hiring a general contractor will save you time, money, and a major headache of juggling your daily life with managing labor, resources, tools, tradesmen, schedules, cash flow, and every other critical element of a bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel, or a whole home remodel.

    To schedule a consultation with a Phoenix general contractor please call us today.


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