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Improving Quality Control with Digital Tools and Checklists

Improving Quality Control with Digital Tools and Checklists

Improving Quality Control with Digital Tools and Checklists

The Struggle for Quality Assurance

As a᠎ construction᠎ compa᠎ny owner, I᠎’ve᠎ been᠎ battling᠎ the᠎ nev᠎er-end᠎ing᠎ quest᠎ for᠎ cons᠎istent᠎ quality᠎ control᠎ for᠎ as᠎ long᠎ as᠎ I᠎ can᠎ remember.᠎ We᠎’re᠎ talkin᠎g᠎ about᠎ a᠎ never᠎-endin᠎g᠎ dru᠎m᠎beat᠎ of᠎ inspections,᠎ check᠎lists,᠎ and᠎ rework᠎ that᠎ can᠎ drive᠎ even᠎ the᠎ most᠎ seasoned᠎ construction᠎ vet᠎ up᠎ the᠎ wall.᠎

I᠎’m᠎ sure᠎ you᠎’ve᠎ been᠎ there᠎ – staring᠎ at᠎ those᠎ piles᠎ of᠎ clipboards᠎ with᠎ scribbled᠎ notes,᠎ hoping᠎ against᠎ hope᠎ that᠎ nothing᠎ got᠎ missed᠎ during᠎ the᠎ million᠎ and᠎ one᠎ quality᠎ checks.᠎ Meanwhile,᠎ that᠎ little᠎ voice᠎ in᠎ your᠎ head᠎ is᠎ whispering᠎ “What᠎ if᠎ we᠎ screwed᠎ something᠎ up᠎ again?”

Quality᠎ issues᠎ on᠎ the᠎ jobsite᠎ are᠎ like᠎ Death᠎ and᠎ Taxes᠎ – they᠎’re᠎ inevitable.᠎ But᠎ that᠎ doesn᠎’t᠎ mean᠎ we᠎ have᠎ to᠎ grin᠎ and᠎ bear᠎ it.᠎ Smart᠎ construction᠎ companies᠎ like᠎ Atchison᠎ Construction᠎ Inc.᠎ are᠎ turning᠎ to᠎ digital᠎ quality᠎ control᠎ tools᠎ to᠎ wage᠎ war᠎ on᠎ rework᠎ and᠎ costly᠎ mistakes.᠎

Going᠎ Digital᠎ for᠎ Sanity᠎’s᠎ Sake

Listen,᠎ we᠎’ve᠎ all᠎ tried᠎ to᠎ get᠎ a᠎ handle᠎ on᠎ quality᠎ using᠎ old᠎-school᠎ paper᠎ checklists.᠎ But᠎ did᠎ you᠎ ever᠎ stop᠎ to᠎ think᠎ about᠎ how᠎ ridiculous᠎ that᠎ is?᠎ We᠎’re᠎ using᠎ dead᠎ trees᠎ to᠎ try᠎ and᠎ control᠎ critical᠎ processes᠎ on᠎ multi᠎-million᠎ dollar᠎ construction᠎ projects.᠎

I᠎ mean,᠎ do᠎ you᠎ even᠎ know᠎ where᠎ those᠎ clipboards᠎ end᠎ up᠎ half᠎ the᠎ time?᠎ Jimmy᠎ probab᠎ly᠎ left᠎ them᠎ in᠎ the᠎ porta᠎-potty᠎ again.᠎ And᠎ those᠎ coffee᠎-staine᠎d᠎ checklists?᠎ Good᠎ luck᠎ making᠎ sense᠎ of᠎ Scratchy᠎’s᠎ chicken᠎ scratc᠎h᠎ handwritin᠎g.᠎

I᠎’m᠎ being᠎ a᠎ little᠎ dramatic᠎ here,᠎ but᠎ hopefully᠎ you᠎ get᠎ my᠎ point.᠎ Using᠎ dinosaur᠎ tech᠎nology᠎ on᠎ construction᠎ sites᠎ is᠎ just᠎ asking᠎ for᠎ trouble.᠎ That᠎’s᠎ why᠎ Atchiso᠎n᠎ Construction᠎ and᠎ other᠎ smart᠎ companies᠎ are᠎ going᠎ 100%᠎ digital᠎ with᠎ quality᠎ control.᠎

Advantages᠎ of᠎ a᠎ QC᠎ App᠎ Over᠎ Paper

Making᠎ the᠎ switch᠎ to᠎ digital᠎ quality᠎ control᠎ checklists᠎ with᠎ an᠎ app᠎ has᠎ been᠎ a᠎ game-changer᠎ for᠎ us.᠎ Let᠎ me᠎ break᠎ down᠎ some᠎ of᠎ the᠎ biggest᠎ advantages:

👍᠎ Easie᠎r᠎ access᠎ and᠎ use᠎ on᠎ the᠎ jobsite᠎ -᠎ Instead᠎ of᠎ lugging᠎ around᠎ stacks᠎ of᠎ paper,᠎ crews᠎ just᠎ pull᠎ up᠎ the᠎ checklists᠎ on᠎ their᠎ phones᠎ or᠎ tablets.᠎

👍᠎ Consi᠎stent᠎ and᠎ enforced᠎ processes᠎ -᠎ With᠎ digital᠎ checklists,᠎ you᠎ can᠎ standardize᠎ workflows᠎ and᠎ require᠎ that᠎ certain᠎ items᠎ are᠎ completed᠎ and᠎ reviewed.᠎

👍᠎ Better᠎ documentation᠎ -᠎ Photos,᠎ notes,᠎ signatures,᠎ and᠎ other᠎ data᠎ automatically᠎ gets᠎ attached᠎ to᠎ inspection᠎ records᠎ for᠎ a᠎ comprehensive᠎ audit᠎ trail.᠎

👍᠎ Real-time᠎ updates᠎ and᠎ collaboration᠎ -᠎ Checklists᠎ sync᠎ instantly᠎ so᠎ everyone᠎ works᠎ off᠎ the᠎ same᠎ live᠎ data,᠎ and᠎ teams᠎ can᠎ easily᠎ comment᠎ back᠎ and᠎ forth.

👍᠎ Automated᠎ reporting᠎ and᠎ analytics᠎ -᠎ Getting᠎ insights᠎ on᠎ quality᠎ trends,᠎ bottlenecks,᠎ and᠎ areas᠎ for᠎ improvement᠎ is᠎ just᠎ a᠎ few᠎ clicks᠎ away.

I᠎ could᠎ go᠎ on᠎ and᠎ on,᠎ but᠎ you᠎ get᠎ the᠎ idea.᠎ Ditch᠎ing᠎ those᠎ old᠎ paper᠎ checklists᠎ has᠎ been᠎ like᠎ finally᠎ upgradin᠎g᠎ from᠎ a᠎ rickety᠎ oxcar᠎t᠎ to᠎ a᠎ shiny᠎ new᠎ truck.᠎ Why᠎ did᠎ we᠎ wait᠎ so᠎ long?

How᠎ to᠎ Implemen᠎t᠎ Digital᠎ Quality᠎ Control᠎ Checklists

If᠎ you᠎’re᠎ sold᠎ on᠎ dragging᠎ your᠎ quality᠎ program᠎ into᠎ the᠎ 21st᠎ century,᠎ here᠎’s᠎ a᠎ quick᠎ roadmap᠎ for᠎ getting᠎ started᠎ with᠎ a᠎ QC᠎ app:

1)᠎ Invent᠎ory᠎ existing᠎ processes᠎ -᠎ Gather᠎ up᠎ all᠎ those᠎ paper᠎ checklists᠎ and᠎ procedures᠎ you᠎ use᠎ today᠎ for᠎ quality᠎ inspections᠎ and᠎ audits.᠎ This᠎ will᠎ be᠎ the᠎ starting᠎ point.

2)᠎ Revi᠎sit᠎ and᠎ optimize᠎ -᠎ Now᠎’s᠎ the᠎ perfect᠎ time᠎ to᠎ streamline᠎ those᠎ clunky᠎ processes᠎ and᠎ checklists.᠎ With᠎ a᠎ blank᠎ slate,᠎ simplify᠎ where᠎ you᠎ can.

3)᠎ Choose᠎ a᠎ platform᠎ -᠎ Do᠎ your᠎ research᠎ and᠎ select᠎ the᠎ right᠎ quality᠎ management᠎ software᠎ for᠎ your᠎ needs.᠎ I᠎ recommend᠎ one᠎ with᠎ a᠎ powerful᠎ mobile᠎ app.

4)᠎ Buil᠎d᠎ out᠎ workflows᠎ -᠎ Work᠎ with᠎ the᠎ vendor᠎ to᠎ digitize᠎ those᠎ optimized᠎ checklists᠎ and᠎ map᠎ out᠎ all᠎ your᠎ quality᠎ control᠎ processes᠎ on᠎ the᠎ platform.

5)᠎ Roll᠎ it᠎ out᠎ -᠎ With᠎ everything᠎ configured,᠎ train᠎ your᠎ crews᠎ on᠎ the᠎ new᠎ system᠎ and᠎ start᠎ using᠎ digital᠎ QC᠎ on᠎ your᠎ active᠎ job᠎sites.

This᠎ is᠎ just᠎ a᠎ quick᠎ overview,᠎ but᠎ I᠎ can᠎ tell᠎ you᠎ from᠎ experience᠎ that᠎ the᠎ actual᠎ rollout᠎ process᠎ goes᠎ a᠎ lot᠎ smoother᠎ than᠎ you᠎ might᠎ think.᠎

Change᠎ is᠎ Hard,᠎ But᠎ This᠎ One᠎’s᠎ Worth᠎ It

Look,᠎ I᠎’m᠎ not᠎ gonna᠎ sugar᠎coat᠎ it᠎ -᠎ there᠎’s᠎ always᠎ some᠎ grumbl᠎ing᠎ and᠎ pushback᠎ whenever᠎ we᠎ roll᠎ out᠎ new᠎ techn᠎ology᠎ on᠎ the᠎ jobsite.᠎ Our᠎ crews᠎ can᠎ be᠎ a᠎ cantankerous᠎ bunch᠎ sometimes.᠎

“These᠎ newfangled᠎ computer᠎ gizmos᠎ are᠎ too᠎ dang᠎ complicated!”

“Just᠎ lemme᠎ use᠎ my᠎ pencil᠎ and᠎ clipboard᠎ like᠎ I᠎’ve᠎ always᠎ done!”

But᠎ I᠎’ll᠎ let᠎ you᠎ in᠎ on᠎ a᠎ little᠎ secret.᠎ Most᠎ of᠎ that᠎ pushback᠎ is᠎ just᠎ bluster.᠎ Once᠎ they᠎ see᠎ how᠎ much᠎ easier᠎ their᠎ lives᠎ become᠎ with᠎ digital᠎ QC,᠎ they᠎ actually᠎ embrace᠎ it.᠎.᠎.᠎eventually.᠎

The᠎ key᠎ is᠎ taking᠎ the᠎ time᠎ for᠎ proper᠎

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